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Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 144) Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 2500) Unbreakable Strahl
Round Ones Votives Votive w/optics Candle Holder
Fluted Votive Coaster Pillar Holder Votive Pot
Clear Lite Votive Bubble Ball Flower Pot
Flower Pot Spanish Hob Nail Votive Grape Arbor Votive

Flower Pot Spanish

This candle holder has a traditional Spanish green colour making ...

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Hob Nail Votive

This holder is designed to look like thousands of hobnails perfor...

S$7.13  More Info>>
Grape Arbor Votive

This holder is adorned with grapes hanging around its edges, perf...

S$7.38  More Info>>

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