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Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 144) Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 2500) Unbreakable Strahl
Round Ones Votives Votive w/optics Candle Holder
Fluted Votive Coaster Pillar Holder Votive Pot
Clear Lite Votive Bubble Ball Flower Pot
Flower Pot Spanish Hob Nail Votive Grape Arbor Votive

Fluted Votive

This splendidly designed votive holder spreads the light rays eve...

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Coaster Pillar Holder

Having a wide base, this candle holder is perfect not only for pi...

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Votive Pot

Specially designed for votives, this holder can match any of your...

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Clear Lite Votive

Votives fit in this holder perfectly, it shows the full picture o...

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Bubble Ball

Imagine having a fully lit candle in a bubble. Isn't it marvellou...

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Flower Pot

Thought that flower pots are for plants only? Well, it's no longe...

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