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Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 144) Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 2500) Unbreakable Strahl
Round Ones Votives Votive w/optics Candle Holder
Fluted Votive Coaster Pillar Holder Votive Pot
Clear Lite Votive Bubble Ball Flower Pot
Flower Pot Spanish Hob Nail Votive Grape Arbor Votive

Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 144)

These plastic candle holders come in a concoction of colours, to...

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Plastic Candle Holder (Bag of 2500)

Standard birthday candle holders that fit most birthday candles...

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Unbreakable Strahl

This unbreakable holder is perfect for decoration. Shaped like a ...

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Round Ones Votives

Great for holding our votive candles, this holder will give an al...

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Votive w/optics

Having a beautiful fibre optic design on the edges, you'll be fas...

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Candle Holder

Looking like a diamond-like form, the shimmering beauty of a lit ...

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