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These lovely new candles add an exquisite touch to our vast range of decorative candles. Their unique design and splendid hyacinth fragrance lends an elegant atmosphere to any wedding occasions. A versatile accessory available to enhance your decor. Click here to buy


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Get our gelshell candle and bring the scenes of the beach back home to reminiscence the time spent walking along the beach shores. It includes real sea creatures like clams, seashells and mussels as well as white sands. Our gelshell candles are sure to cook up a hearthy smile on the face of your love ones. Click here to buy


Brighten the day of your special ones with these colorful floating candles. Their inspiring colors will look attractive in any bowl or ponds. They can also add a touch of spring to your centerpiece. Imagine how they will smile to receive this wonderful gift. Click here to buy


Choose from 20 rich colors and delectable fragrances that have been splendidly preserved and ready to be released to every corner of your home. So grab one of our votive candle and surround yourself or your special ones in a harmonious and unforgettable aromas today. Remember, It is you who can decide where your heaven is! Click here to buy